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Rickyl Moments

May 1

Hawkeye and BJ, M*A*S*H


Benjamin Franklin Pierce (aka “Hawkeye”) and BJ Hunnicutt are two doctors working in a mobile hospital in Korea during the war. They’ve been ripped away from their homes and families, but they still manage to have fun.


They even manage to get some rest every now and then.

But war is hard, and sometimes you need a friend to give you comfort.



And sometimes, when the war ends and you don’t know when you’re going to see your bro again, it’s too hard to say goodbye out loud.

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How many times…


does Rick yell for Daryl per episode?

God damn awesome bromance.

Aug 2




U.S. President Barack Obama is proving to be a swimming fan.

Less than a day after sending out a rare personal tweet to congratulate the most decorated Olympic athlete ever, Obama called Michael Phelps on the pool deck to hail his performance.

Phelps, still reeling from the previous day’s tweet, described the call as “pretty cool”.

“I answered the phone and the voice said ‘Michael?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Please hold for the President of the United States,” he told reporters on Thursday, after qualifying for the 100 metres butterfly semi-final.

“I was like, ‘wow’.”

READ ON: President Obama calls Michael Phelps before Thursday’s race

This is how bromances begin.

Like wow. 

Presidential Bromance.


Because a day without Rickyl is like a day without sunshine. 

Just a little something to go along with my last post.

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The We Actually Are Bros Bromance…Sam and Dean Winchester: Supernatural.

Only real bros have matching anti-demon possession tattoos.

Only a real big bro would let his little bro touch his precious car.

Only a real bro makes a deal with Death to help save another bros soul.

Serious real bro hug….after a long and trying day of demon hunting, brushes with death, and shouting “SAM!” and “DEAN!” at one another, I’m sure.

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Jun 9

Medically Absurd Bromance…JD and Turk: Scrubs

Bros since mullets and afros seemed like a good idea.

Sometimes you gotta sit on your best bro.

And sometimes you and your bro have to comfort each other.

And one day your babies will grow up to be BFFs, too.